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Press release!

Coherent Digital and JISC sign framework agreement for Policy Commons

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Alexandria, VA, April 14th, 2021

Jisc, a not-for-profit technology provider for research and education in the UK, and Coherent Digital, an innovative digital information services start-up, have signed a framework agreement for Policy Commons.

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Where policy content is:

  • brought together in one place
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  • kept safe from broken links

Policy Commons the largest and most comprehensive content discovery platform and community resource for public policy resources. 

Content to date

  • > 2.3 million publications
  • > 16,000 organisations
  • > 7,000 topics

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  • Comprehensive and Timely Content

The content is harvested comprehensively and frequently from  international organisations and from NGO's, think-tanks and research organisations around the world, such as the Pew Research Centre, American Enterprise Institute and the Russell Sage Foundation.

The editors ensure the content has a broad geographical and topical coverage by identifying content that most search engines deprecate.  More than 100,000 of the documents - comprising more than half a million pages of books, reports, statistics and archival material - are premium items included through special, and often exclusive, with leading organisations within the field. Examples of this premium content  are the Centre for Governmental Studies and the Environmental Law Institute, as well as many others.

Premium Features

Content from discontinued organisations

Policy Commons contains  special collection of more than 100,000 pages of reports and out-of-print material from over 100 think tanks that have closed their doors between 1970 and 2019.

This collection of premium content  will grow to more than half a million pages by the end of 2021.

Because most of the websites are are now dead citations cannot be referenced or fact-checked.

Policy Commons gives you access to this material and ensures that it is archived for future reference.

Policy Archive resources

A comprehensive digital library of public policy research material was launched in 2008 by the Centre for Governmental Studies.  Policy Archive has preserved more than 30,000 items going back to the early 1980's which was collected from over 1,000 organisations.

The collection includes the full digital archives of the Centre for Governmental Studies, the Markle Foundation and the MacArthur Foundation Research Directory.

This material is now exclusively available through Policy Commons.

Think Tank presses

Policy Commons contains a continually growing collection of books and publications licensed from the publishing arms of think tanks around the world, including complete back-catalogues.

Think tanks such as the Environmental Law Institute Press, the Africa Institute of South Africa, the African Public Policy and Research Institute and many more are included in this collection.