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The problem -

Policy content is scattered . . .

on 1,000s of IGO, NGO, think tank and university research center websites

  • Time-consuming to find
  • Expensive to catalog
  • No persistent identifiers
  • Unstable, >25% risk of link rot
  • Under-used, hard to cite
  • Unmineable
  • The solution -

    Policy Commons . . . where Policy content is brought together in one place . . .

        Brought together into one place

    •    Searchable

    •    Useful

    •    Kept safe

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    Every item will be:

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    • Processed, tagged and made discoverable in Policy Commons
    • Accessible from its own Policy Commons page
    • Allocated a unique identifier so it’s easy to cite and share
    • Insured from link rot

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