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“Thanks to the Internet and scores of new digital technologies, the past two decades have seen revolutionary changes in economic production, much of it stemming from unprecedented new forms of collaboration in the creation and sharing of knowledge. The sharing of useful knowledge brings significant economic, social and civic benefits, allowing people to have access to valuable knowledge goods, to participate and to exercise their democratic rights.”*

* Sophie Bloemen & David Hammerstein.


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The problem -

Policy content is scattered . . .

on 1,000s of IGO, NGO, think tank and university research center websites

  • Time-consuming to find
  • Expensive to catalog
  • No persistent identifiers
  • Unstable, >25% risk of link rot
  • Under-used, hard to cite
  • Unmineable
  • The solution -

    Policy Commons . . . where Policy content is brought together in one place . . .

        • Brought together into one place
        • Searchable
        • Useful
        • Kept safe

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