Mindscape Commons - your hub for immersive and interactive mental health content.

13 April 2021

4.00pm GMT


You missed out!

What you’ll learn in this webinar:

Mindscape Commons is the ultimate video resource for teaching and learning in the mental health space. It includes hundreds of immersive and interactive videos together with the world’s largest repository of virtual reality content.

Discover unique content 
Explore the most comprehensive directory of materials in virtual reality and mental health. Find projects and collaborators.

Deliver immersive experiences
With simulations filmed in 360-degree immersive video, students are “there,” mastering skills in the moment. 

Build clinical skills
Safely immerse students in realistic, high-risk therapy situations and let them repeat experiences for mastery.

Support multiple departments
Mindscape Commons content fits into counselling, nursing, social work, psychology, sociology, and related programs.

Build empathy and understanding
Let student's walk in another’s shoes—to feel what it’s like to suffer from depression or anxiety, be homeless, or face immigration challenges or racism. 

Upload and preserve
Mindscape Commons hosts and preserve experiences you and your colleagues have created.

Promote your research
Contribute your work to reach hundreds of mental health professionals and academics. Drive traffic back to your website.

Use the equipment you already have
Access content with a phone, tablet, or laptop. For more immersion, use Google cardboard or an Oculus device.

Your Webinar Host:

Elizabeth Robey

Elizabeth has worked in academic publishing since 2000, most recently for Alexander Street Press and ProQuest. Her primary focus has been in the fields of counseling and social work where she has spent the last 20 years building relationships with faculty and organizations, translating their expertise into hands-on training materials. She is the editor of many recognized databases including Counseling and Therapy in Video Series, Psychotherapy Transcripts, Client Narratives, and Reference Works, and Social Work Online. 

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