Policy Commons

Policy Commons will be an open platform that makes it easy to find, catalog and preserve reports, working papers, policy briefs and data from a directory of over 5,000 IGOs, NGOs, think tanks and research centers. It will be a comprehensive service that covers born-digital and archival material from IGOs like the OECD, the UN, the World Bank, IMF, FAO and EU, as well as leading NGOs, such as Amnesty International, and smaller influential think tanks.

Anyone will be able to use Policy Commons to find the content they need - full text access will be offered via the original website, if still available. Subscribing institutions will be able to access preservation copies, exclusive content, and benefit from a full range of support services,including catalog data and usage tracking.

“As I learned when creating the OECD iLibrary, policy content will find a much larger audience when published using the tools and standards created by the scholarly communications community. Yet most IGOs, NGOs and think tanks don’t use such systems and rely on a post-and-hope web dissemination strategy, with disappointing results. Policy Commons will wrap policy content with the metadata it needs for discovery, allocate a persistent identifier and preserve a copy for the long term. By creating a one-stop discovery hub and guaranteeing full-text access, I believe we’ll bring a broader, larger audience to this vital content.” says Toby, co-founder of Policy Commons and former head of OECD Publishing.

Policy Commons will be a collaborative platform. Registrants will be able to upload content, add tags and classifications, and sign up for alerts and other personal services.

Today, I believe that all information platforms need to be open collaborative spaces,” added Green . “Users should be able to add content they think will be useful to the community and enrich it with 

tags and annotations. I believe community features will set Policy Commons apart from traditional aggregation solutions.”

Policy Commons will launch in June 2020 with more than 1.5 million documents.

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