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Policy Commons tames wild content—so researchers can do their work, educators can teach, scholars can publish, and organizations can disseminate their knowledge to a global audience.

Speed your research

One-stop access to more than 24 million pages of curated, high quality policy reports, briefs, analyses, working papers, and datasets from thousands of policy organizations.

Discover unique content

Exclusive access to hundreds of books and other licensed content—including materials previously only available in print—from leading publishers

Find new sources

Our exclusive organization directory has over 16,000 entries to help you find new sources for your research, and to see who’s working on what. 

Access ‘lost’ content

We’ve saved copies of more than 30,000 publications from more than 350 defunct and inactive think tanks. With your help, we plan to save hundreds more.

Stay current

Our alert service and frequent updates help you stay current with the latest content—months, even years, before it appears in journals and books. 

Promote your work

Reach thousands of policy professionals and academics by uploading your research. Add links to drive traffic back to your own (or your organization’s) website.

Your Webinar Host:

Toby Green

Toby has spent 35 years in scholarly publishing working with commercial, society, IGO and NGO organisations on all types of content (which he prefers to call 'stuff'): books, journals, data, grey literature, A&I services and encyclopedias – always with an eye on the reader experience and building audience. His last position was Chief Operating Officer at the OECD. He’s a regular speaker at SSP, ALPSP, OASPA, Fiesole, R2R, and the Frankfurt Book Fair. In 2019 he co-founded Coherent Digital.

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